UFC 212 Odds Talk: All about the Dogs

UFC 212 is upon us. Headlined with what looks to be (on paper) one of the best fights of the year in Aldo vs. Holloway, the clock is ticking down to kicking off another great card. For Cage Prophet’s betting picks this card is all about the dogs.

  • Silva +120
  • Assuncao +185
  • Kowalkiewicz +295
  • Holloway +125

All of these are great underdog lines to bet. If i had to point at one to be way off its Kowalkiewicz at +295 that raises my eyebrow the most. Considering this is a 3 round fight if Claudia gets her takedowns early and works a grinding ground game this could be a bad night for Karolina, but if she manages to stay standing we could see a big dog cash. For me Karolina at +295 is too good to pass up, she has extremely powerful striking and a fight resume that should put her way closer to Claudia in odds than the line indicates. As for Holloway, facing one of the all time greats is a tall order for any man. However, in the midst of a ten fight win streak Max Holloway is a special kind of contender, if anyone in the featherweight division has a shot at dethroning Aldo it would be Holloway. To maximize profit margins I would suggest if you are betting Holloway to take him inside the distance at +430. For those of you in the Aldo camp I would play Aldo to win by Decision for a return of +170.


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