Garbrandt Off UFC 213


The injury bug strikes again! This time it has taken the UFC 213 main event from us. Cody Garbrandt vs TJ Dillashaw has been removed from UFC 213. Cody Garbrandt recently sustained a back injury in training for his title defense. Dana White sent the champ to his personal Doctor in Germany to undergo a procedure that could get him healthy in time for the July 8th bout, but to no avail.

Garbrandt revealed through a Facebook post, “No I’m not fighting on the 8th. This has been my dream to get to the top and I want to have longevity!”

However, fear not, this will likely be a rescheduled matchup. The public interest coupled with TJ solidly at the top of the Bantamweight contender pile points to us seeing this matchup as soon as the Champ regains his health. In another one of  his posts, Cody stated, “4 more weeks of recovery! Then I can slowly start to train and test it out.”

On behalf of all fans everywhere: we wish Cody a full speedy recovery. It would be a shame to watch a fight of this caliber without both men at 100%. So until the fight happens I guess we can just rerun TUF episodes or scroll through their twitter timelines. Because for these two the only substitute for a fist fight is verbal assault and you’ll be seeing a lot of it for a couple more months now.


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