Gastelum vs. USADA May End Soon


Rising UFC Middleweight star Kelvin Gastelum recently saw his sprint to the top come to a screeching halt when USADA flagged him for having Marijuana traces in his system. Gastelum was scheduled to face Anderson Silva in Brazil at UFC 212 when USADA laid the smack down, citing their anti-marijuana legislation.

This may be good news for Anderson Silva, as Kelvin has been on a rampage picking off UFC Legends such as Tim Kennedy and Vitor Belfort in his last two bouts. For the fans and Kelvin however the initial outlook was very bleak. Early speculations pointed toward a twelve month suspension. According to his management however, the situation may be resolved sooner than anyone expected.

Per a conversation Ariel Helwani had with Kelvin’s manager, Ariel reported:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.06.07 PM

See the MMA gods are not always cruel after all folks, hang in there. We may get to see Kelvin back in action in time to add more top contenders to the list of who Bisping should fight next.


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