UFC 210: Chaos in Buffalo

UFC 210: Weidman v Mousasi

UFC 210 is officially in the books, but not without controversy. It just wouldn’t be right to have an event in New York without something going wrong now would it? Since New York legalized MMA the UFC has put on 3 pay per view events in the state. Each event has been marred with it’s own debacle.

At UFC 205 Tyron Woodley was incorrectly announced the winner of the first championship bout versus Stephen Thompson, the fight was then announced a majority draw.

At UFC 208 the officiating was harshly questioned after Germaine de Randamie landed multiple strikes on her opponent, Holly Holm, after rounds ended. More criticism arose when de Randamie was crowned the first women’s Featherweight Champion as many scored the fight for Holm.

And of course there is UFC 210: the knee debate. I have no doubt that the discussion on how Weidman vs. Mousasi should (or should not) have played out will be raging for months to come, but for Mousasi the situation is fairly cut and dry. Mousasi stated, “He tried to play it smart, take advantage of the rules and get me disqualified. I think everyone saw that. Don’t blame me. That’s all I can say” Mousasi was speaking in reference to Weidman trying to take advantage of the grounded fighter rule by placing his hands on the mat which makes knee strikes to the head illegal. Mousasi in turn lifted Weidman just enough to remove his hands from the ground while delivering two knees. Under strange circumstances Weidman was given 5 minutes to recover under the assumption that the knees were illegal. After reviewing the footage (even though instant replay is not supposed to be utilized in New York) both knees were found legal. However, the ring doctor felt Weidman was unfit to continue and the match was called as a TKO victory for Mousasi.

UFC President Dana White offered his take on the situation, he stated in the post fight press conference, “Weidman was in a very unfortunate position where he was told he had five minutes, so he’s laying on the ground. And at the end the doctor says I can’t let this continue…In even great states like Nevada, not only are you battling your opponent your battling the ref and the judges…You’ve gotten go in there and have to literally fight to win. Fight to finish.”

It seems while an unfortunate turn of events leaves New York’s golden boy once again winless in his home state, that the UFC brass believes the right call was made. What do you think?



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