UFC 210: Line Movement

Throughout the week we continue to see fluctuation in the betting lines for the co-main and main event of UFC 210.

Mousasi vs. Weidman has shifted from Mousasi -130, Weidman +110 to a pick-em at an even -110. For Weidman fans I would suggest sitting out until Friday and get your money’s worth as I think we will see Weidman creep back into an underdog position. My play on this is to get Mousasi while he is hot at almost even odds.

In the main event Cormier vs Johnson seems to be slipping back to even odds as well. Sitting out on this bet until friday or early saturday may be best in this situation as well. I think you will see DC slip back into an underdog position and Cage Prophet is predicting a successful title defense. For the Johnson fans: Grab this line while it is hot! -115 is going to be the best you’ll see a line on Rumble before he hits the cage on saturday.

As always, bet responsibly and enjoy the fights.


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