Cormier vs. Johnson 2: Dead Heat

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Vegas has spoken. They’re calling the rematch of DC vs. Rumble a pick em, and rightly so. But there is still money to be made. We know the key attributes that each man brings to the table. DC has elite grinding wrestling and Rumble has the touch of death. So how do we pick it?

This is a prop bet fight. Either Rumble tucks DC into bed with a warm glass of milk and an uppercut from hell in the first 2 rounds or DC grinds his way to a late finish or decision. Personally, I think this fight has finish written all over it, so here are a few props to keep in mind.

For the Anthony “Rumble” Johnson fans:

Rumble wins in Round 1: +350

Rumble wins in Round 2: +550

Those are the two props to bet heavy on. we’ve seen rumble fade in the late rounds but in rounds one and two is his time to shine. If he gets the job done it’ll be quick as usual, calling the round may be your best bet for big money. If you don’t feel confident picking a round, Johnson inside the distance is holding around +125.

For The Daniel “DC” Cormier fans:

Cormier Wins by Unanimous Decision: +950

You’ve seen DC weather the storm before and win by submission. But we also know that rumble has been training his cardio and is more motivated than ever not to gas. I think if DC tries to grind it out and dominates top control we could see an improved Rumble survive to a decision. But we all know when DC gets to implement his game plan he looks dominate while doing so. He may not be able to put Rumble away but I think if this fight goes all 5 rounds, DC will have at least 3 rounds.

So those are, in my humble opinion, the best prop odds. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Who are you going with and how are they doing it?

Note: all odds referenced dated 3/30/17


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